Wills & Probate

One of the main differences between a will and a trust is that property held in a trust does not go through probate.

However, some estates can benefit from the probate court’s oversight. This is often the case when a reliable trustee is not available to handle the trust estate.

When a person dies leaving a will, the probate court verifies that the will is valid and appoints a personal representative to distribute the property and settle the affairs of the decedent’s estate. The estate is valued, and creditors are given a final opportunity to present their claim for payment. The probate court oversees the distribution of the estate as provided in the will.

Attorney Kevin Walsh does not always recommend a living trusts if a will or other property transfer method is better considering the family’s circumstance.

Cost of Probate

Nevada state law controls what attorneys charge for probate and intestate (no will) legal services. NRS 150.060 provides that attorney fees may be based on the estate’s total value. Attorney Kevin Walsh will charge by the hour and cap his fees at the amounts prescribed by statute. Attorney Kevin Walsh will discuss various fee arrangements and establish a fair and reasonable fee for handling your family’s probate.


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