Why Reno is the Startup Business Incubator

The ‘biggest little city’ is not so much about gambling and misfits anymore. Reno is now the goldilocks zone of American start-ups, especially in emerging and innovative industries. Positioned next-door to California tech and innovation markets, with cooler tax climate and Lake Tahoe in its backyard, Reno is perfectly situated for start-ups. Add to this Reno’s start-up business incubator culture of support and its obvious why Reno has become the new start-up business capital.

www.InSourceLaw.com, the Reno start-up attorneys, recommends that entrepreneurs, investors, and dreamers of all sizes utilize and support the Reno organizations that can contribute to your business success.

Check these ones out: 

StartUpNV www.startupnv.org

Provides help for founders to get their act together before talking to investors.

1 Million Cups www.1millioncups.com/reno

A free program designed to educate, engage and inspire entrepreneurs around the country.

Bridgewire Makerspace www.bridgewire.org

A community industrial workspace.



Kevin Walsh

Lead Attorney & Owner

InSource Law LLC



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