What Does a Good Estate Plan Look Like? | Part 2 of a 10 Part Series | The Essential Elements

Estate planning needs vary from family to family and there are many sources that can help with your family’s succession planning. Always seek advice from a qualified attorney to determine what the elements of your trust should be included to meet your family’s specific situation.  Below are some basic elements to look for when considering the source of your living trust. This is not an exhaustive list and needs will vary among families. You can start by asking your lawyer what’s included in their trust package. These are some baseline elements to look for:

  •  Revocable Will
  •  Revocable Living Trust
  •  Will Package
  •  Durable Power of Attorney for Assets
  •  Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare
  •  Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare or Advanced Directive, Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Appointment of Guardian, and Anatomical Gift
  •  Abstract of Trust
  •  Trust Certification
  •  Pour-Over Will
  •  Assignment of Furnishings and Personal Effects
  •  Organized in a professional quality binder with tabs and inserts
  •  Plain English summaries of documents and their purpose
  •  Funding instructions with enough clarity to allow you to easily trust assets

The Living Trust Source powered by 1Source Law LLC encourages all families to insist on a comprehensive living trust package presented in a well-organized and an easily understood.


Kevin Walsh

Lead Attorney & Owner

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