The Secret Behind Complete Business Metamorphosis

Have you ever wondered what a butterfly goes through to achieve complete metamorphosis? In some ways it’s like launching a start-up business. In fact, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly can be strategy and inspiration for achieving complete business metamorphosis (CBM). To turn a formless idea into a thriving business the entrepreneur may follow clues found in nature.

Caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis may look like a beautiful act of nature from outside the cocoon. 3-D scanners, however, now tell a gruesome story of what happens inside the cocoon. It’s sort of like the hidden hardships of turning an idea into a thriving enterprise.

Inside the cocoon the caterpillar literally digests itself. Proteins of the caterpillar are broken down and rearranged according to the plans written into special group of cells designed to survive digestion. All the parts of the butterfly, wings, legs, antennas . . . are built from these special cells that hold nature’s plan.

In butterfly metamorphosis, the caterpillar’s job is to consume as much food as possible. It excretes whatever isn’t useful. The entrepreneur devours all the information available during the early stages and disregards the irrelevant. When the fuzzy caterpillar has all the proteins necessary for building a butterfly it’s ready to form a cocoon and start digesting the proteins. The start-up businessperson breaks down their information and begins to write a plan when their research is complete.

Like butterflies, businesses don’t undergo metamorphosis by chance. Entrepreneurs start with an idea and consume all the information they can. These ideas are broken down and organized into the building blocks of a business design. Like the specialized cells of the caterpillar the business plans are the blueprints for complete transformation of random information into a profitable business.

If your business is in the research phase look to the butterfly for inspiration and guidance. Devour information like a caterpillar consuming everything in its path. Weave the information into a business plan. When the information is fully digested follow your blueprint by building the business infrastructure and systems. Like the special cells of the butterfly, a fully developed plan is the secret behind achieving complete business metamorphosis.


Kevin Walsh

Managing Attorney

1Source Law LLC


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