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1sourcelaw2023Living Trusts, Wills, Advanced Directives, & Other Essentials
Estate plans can often make life easier and save money for your family by keeping your property out probate court with a living trust. Other estate plans may include a simple will or transfer on death designation for certain types of assets.  Attorney Kevin Walsh personally works with you to help you decide which method is best for your family.

All estate plans should include advanced directives in case of incapacity. These include powers of attorney for healthcare and financial decisions, and nomination of guardian for minor children.  Customized trusts can be drafted by attorney Kevin Walsh to protect spendthrifts, minors, pets, and adults with special needs.

Certain types of assets, including real property, are generally “probatable assets” and can be transferred to the trust to avoid probate court.  Attorney Kevin Walsh emphasizes the importance of “funding the trust” and provides close consultation covering this critical process of transferring property to the trust. Attorney Kevin Walsh can prepare all of the necessary paperwork and visit you at your home to sign documents.

All of our trust clients and their families are backed by the Living Trust Source’s PLEDGE OF ONGOING SUPPORT. Your family is never alone from the moment we start work on your estate plan.1sourcelaw2023

A flat fee can be charged for most estate planning packages. The cost depends on the degree of complexity. Call (775) 502-6105 for a consultation and quote.

Trust Administration
If you are a trustee in need of help administering a trust attorney Kevin Walsh is available to provide guidance and prepare necessary documents. Most trusts allow the trustee to use trust assets to pay for the professional services of an attorney to help them do their job as trustee. These services are usually performed pursuant to an hourly rate, while some simple tasks can be accomplished for a flat fee.

Most Nevada probates require an attorney. If your family needs a probate attorney Kevin Walsh can provide these services in all Nevada courts. Contact (775) 502-6105 for probate assistance.

Litigation & Disputes
Attorney Kevin Walsh started his legal career as a litigator 25 years ago. He has1sourcelaw2023 extensive and diverse courtroom experience. Today Kevin Walsh concentrates most of his litigation and dispute resolution work in the area of estates. His cases often involve disagreements among beneficiaries or a trustee of a living trusts. Other cases handled by attorney Walsh may involve disputes over a business, contract, real property, an injury, and other high stakes matters. These disagreements commonly have facts or allegations of wrongful conduct such as negligence, intentional misconduct, abuse, breach of trust, fraud, duress, or undue influence.

Attorney Kevin Walsh is a determined and experienced advocate in the representation of both plaintiffs and defendants. Walsh describes his litigation and dispute resolution style as mixed. He will use hard and/or soft techniques, depending on the situation, to achieve client objectives. Kevin Walsh’s courtroom experience runs a gambit from criminal defense to U.S. government takings.1sourcelaw2023

By limiting his work in the area of disputes to a few good clients he maintains a strong enthusiasm for this fast-passed and intense work.

During the initial confidential assessment Kevin Walsh, based on his 25-plus years’ experience, will give you candid opinion concerning the merits of your case.

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