Power of Attorney

Everyone should sign two types of power of attorney in case of they’re injured or have a condition that prevents them from making decisions and managing their affairs.

That’s why we include them with every trust or will we prepare. These are the power of attorney over financial matters and the other involves decisions regarding your health.

Power of Attorney Over Financial Matters

The power of attorney over financial matters becomes effective if you are incapacitated. It allows your agent to access your funds to pay the bills and do whatever else needs to be done while your out of commission. The power conferred by the document can be tailored to meet your financial concerns.

Power of Attorney Over Healthcare Decisions

The power of attorney over healthcare decisions is used to appoint an agent to work with your doctors and other healthcare professionals in making decisions about treatment and providing consents. The document is drafted in a way that reflects your desires with respect to ongoing life sustaining treatment when there is no reasonable hope of recovery.


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