The Evolution of Mobile Estate Planning Legal Services

As client-centric legal services evolve some lawyers now offer mobile legal services. In Reno, Nevada, attorney Kevin Walsh regularly meets with clients in their homes, hospital rooms, and care facilities. Attorney Kevin Walsh said this:

“A lot of our clients are elderly or hospitalized. Some are in hospice care. It makes sense that we visit them at their homes or hospital rooms.”

Attorney Walsh described how he began travelling to his client’s homes and care facilities in the years that preceded the covid pandemic. When people started getting sick many of the elderly wisely chose to stay home explains. The practice model really caught on during the pandemic, Walsh explains. The mobile attorney service has been in demand ever since.

“Our mission is to help people get their affairs in order. Not everyone can, or wants to, go to a lawyer’s office. Attorney mobility helps us achieve our purpose.”

The Living Trust Source will travel to clients for signing living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, advanced healthcare directives, and other essential estate planning documents.

“Our clients want to understand what they’re signing.

If you have difficulty travelling to a law firm for appointments, or you simply prefer the convenience of a home visit, ask your attorney if they would consider travelling to you. A growing number of attorneys are evolving to meet their client’s needs.

Kevin Walsh

Attorney at Law

1Source Law & Living Trust Source

Estate Planning Attorney Reno, Nevada





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