Like the Mixed Martial Arts arena, the courtroom has rules and a referee. The judge is there to ensure a fair fight and the contestants can be penalized or ejected for violating the rules. Usually, the better prepared and trained competitor who can successfully deploy the right techniques at the right moment will win.

The word “mixed” when used in reference to martial arts competition means a competitor can bring a wide range of styles to the arena so long as they are allowed under the rules of the competition. Recently, the term “mixed” has been adopted by litigation attorney Kevin P. Walsh to describe his personal litigation style. This involves hard and soft techniques ranging from diplomacy to the pursuit of a judge’s verdict.

To be like “water” means to be fluid. With the ability to adapt the attorney can transform his or her style of advocacy into whatever is best for a particular situation. Bruce Lee is largely accredited for the water analogy and the style he developed, Jeet Kun Do, which embodies these principles.

Some cases are best solved with diplomacy and a settlement agreement. Other cases require a more aggressive approach involving demands and sometimes fierce litigation. The Reno, Nevada based estate planning and litigation law firm, 1Source Law encourages consumers, when retaining legal counsel, to consider the attorney’s personal style. In our experience the best style is one that can transform itself, like the shape of water, to fit any situation.

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