Innovation & the Law | The Rise of the Mobile Estate Planning Attorney

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the competition for attorney jobs over the next 10 years is expected to be strong. The number of law school graduates exceeds the number of attorney jobs. Fewer jobs result from less work – partially the consequence of often risky fill-in-the-blank online forms and information. This means lawyers are competing like never before for a smaller market-share. Attorneys, conservative by nature, need to be innovative to thrive. The days of placing an advertisement in the phone book and waiting for clients to show up are gone.

Many, if not most clients of the Living Trust Source are elderly. They come with varying degrees of mobility. The snow and ice of winter months is a travel risk multiplier for the elderly. Recognizing the difficulty of travel for our senior clients has given the Living Trust Source an avenue for better serving our clients.

Our elderly clients and their adult sons and daughters are always grateful when we visit the family home. In warmth, safety and security we sit at the kitchen table and handle their estate planning. By becoming the mobile estate planning attorneys 1Source Law and the Living Trust Source is encouraging innovation in the delivery of legal services. The emerging competitiveness in the legal field should drive attorneys in a quest to find better ways of serving clients.


Kevin Walsh

Managing Attorney

1Source Law


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