In-House Legal Services

The Trusted Source for In-House Legal Services

InSource Law delivers high caliber in-house legal services as a subcontractor. Nevada corporations now have the option of full or part time in-house legal services without the administrative burden and commitment of hiring a W-2 attorney employee.
Our experienced corporate counsel will quickly integrate with your team to deliver on-sight legal services. These flexible services continue so long as necessary and may be terminated at any time.
Compared to outsourcing to a traditional law firm, an InSource attorney can save between 50% and 65% on legal fees.

How it Works

The InSource model for providing in-house counsel is based on the ‘secondment’ method. In business, ‘secondment’ refers to placing a professional from one business in another business to perform an assignment at a fixed rate.

With an experienced corporate attorney embedded in the office your business capabilities multiply. Assignments may involve large transactions and mergers, organizing the company files and corporate governance, handling complex litigation, resolving a dispute, covering employee absences, and many other in-house functions.

The secondment of lawyers first became common in England before spreading to Australia, Singapore, Germany, and more recently the United States. The term “secondment” originated in the British military when an officer in one regiment would be embedded in another regiment on assignment.

In-House Advantages

These are some advantages of using InSource’s on-site legal services:

Cost Control - Legal fees and assignment duration are fixed so our business clients can accurately forecast and control legal costs. InSource Law gives the client business the advantages of in-house counsel while avoiding the cost of out-sourcing legal work. The assignment is temporary and continues as long as needed. You can avoid the cost and commitment of hiring permeant inhouse legal counsel.

Communication - Clients often complain they rarely see their lawyer in person and the lawyer does not always return their calls. This detachment puts the company and lawyer at risk of making mistakes and is a great source of frustration and anxiety for the client’s project team.

Access to Critical Information - Business issues are complex matters. When attorneys work off-site in the confines of a law-firm, they never get the full picture. Important documents and issues are often overlooked when a business out-source to law firms. By insourcing a lawyer, you give your company the advantage of in-house counsel with a more comprehensive understanding of legal matters and client needs.

Risk Management - Traditional law firms are usually consulted only after a risk becomes a serious problem. Yet lawyers are trained to spot potential business risks, manage existing ones, and can design systems and procedures that reduce risk. A lawyer’s ability to help your business manage risk is maximized when embedded in your business.

Extra Capacity - When your business opportunities and demands exceed your company’s capabilities InSource Law is on call to give you extra resources to meet demands.

Transparency - When your team works alongside a lawyer the client knows how the lawyers time is spent.  There should never be any questions concerning time when you insource.

Legal Service Cost Forecasting - Clients don’t like sitting in a boardroom wondering how much a lawyer’s attendance at a meeting is going to cost them. Clients are billed for legal services at a set rate at weekly or monthly intervals.  This allows companies to properly forecast and budget for legal expenses.

Trust - When a lawyer is insourced, he or she becomes part of your in-house team. The lawyer is more personally engaged in creating the outcome sought by your business.  Trustworthy relationships are easier to forge with an in-house lawyer who understands and appreciates the project team, their mission, and their personal commitment.

Cover Employee Gaps & Absences - InSource Law can provide a powerful solution to employee gaps and absences. Operations can continue seamlessly when staff are absent or when positions are temporarily vacant.

Synergy - Synergy is the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations resulting in accomplishments that are greater than would be possible if the organizations worked separately.  Synergy generated between lawyer and client requires proximity that cannot be fully achieved when out-sourcing legal work.

Fee Structure

If your company has outsourced legal work to a law firm, you know hourly rates are high and the monthly cost of legal services is unpredictable. We generally charge for in-house legal services by the week, month, or day.

Since job assignment durations are fixed, your compony can accurately forecast legal expenses. By eliminating the overheads of a brick and mortar law firm, in-house legal services save your company money.

Professional service fees vary depending on the nature of the work and length of assignment. Managing Attorney, Kevin P. Walsh, will discuss your situation and provide a proposal. Call (775) 502-6119

Our Story

The legal services industry is changing and we’re ahead of the curve. It’s no secret that digital disruption has had an impact on the profitability of law firms and job prospects of new attorneys. Today one lawyer can use electronic research to accomplish what five lawyers could do with books in a law library. Add to this the ever-growing number of lawyers in America (In 2018 the ABA counted 1,338,768 active attorneys in the U.S.). Now factor in the growing number of online document services and available legal information and the once omnipotent lawyer is faced with challenges. And the Client is faced with more choices. Power has shifted to the client-consumer.

InSource Law is progressive enough to understand that clients would rather not pay for extravagant law offices and senior partner dividends. They often complain they can’t communicate with their lawyer and often feel a disconnect. When the monthly invoice is received the client may be shocked by the seemingly out of control billable hours. Clients deserve something better.

InSource Law’s founder, Kevin P. Walsh, built InSource Law to offer the client that something better. During his time working in Perth, Western Australia, Kevin discovered a better way of delivering legal services. Walsh combined his 11 years’ experience operating a traditional Nevada law firm with insights gained as a solicitor in Australia. The result was the secondment practice model.

Kevin returned to the U.S. in 2016 where he developed InSource Law, the first Nevada law practice to offer in-house legal services. Although some corporations in larger cities in America are beginning to use the in-house attorney the practice is new to Nevada. We can work either off-site or embedded at your office as In-house Counsel.

Our next generation legal services combine technology and mobility to deliver top grade legal representation directly to businesses. InSource is not your traditional law firm milling out billable hours. Our approach is breathing new life into the practice of law.