Kevin Walsh believes his strongest legal abilities are in helping clients obtain favorable outcomes in bad situations.

Whether you find yourself on the offense, defense, or both, clients faced with a legal dispute need an experienced fighter and negotiator in their corner.

Walsh has extensive experience in civil litigation and has achieved successful jury verdicts in both civil and criminal trials. His courtroom experience started in 1997 when he entered his father’s civil practice. He has had passion and knack for this type of work ever since. This involves litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

Kevin’s father, Daniel R. Walsh, was a bulldog of an attorney in the courtroom known for his thorough preparation and successful outcomes for high profile clients. Kevin still uses all the techniques his father and mentor taught him. During his 20+ year legal career Kevin has integrated these skills with his personal philosophy that emphasizes fluidity and adaptability to fit any situation and adversary.

All battles are won or lost before they are fought. Sun Tzu, The Art of War



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