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In 1980 the British new wave band ‘The Buggles’ released their first album ‘The Age of Plastic’. The group wrote and sang about the mixed feelings associated with the rapid change in technologies as they entered the 80’s. Their chart smashing hit, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, was about the nostalgia of the forgotten radio star following the rise of MTV video. In today’s world of techy buzz words, video could be called a ‘disruptive
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When I was in Law School during the 90’s, there was fierce competition among the brightest and hardest working students to graduate with the title ‘summa cum lade’. Only the best academically were in the running for the highest salaries at the biggest law firms. These dedicated students did not seem discouraged by the long hours they knew would be required of them if they were successful in securing employment with a large and prestigious
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