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Like the Mixed Martial Arts arena, the courtroom has rules and a referee. The judge is there to ensure a fair fight and the contestants can be penalized or ejected for violating the rules. Usually, the better prepared and trained competitor who can successfully deploy the right techniques at the right moment will win. The word “mixed” when used in reference to martial arts competition means a competitor can bring a wide range of styles
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If you own real estate or other valuable assets you may have heard that you should set up a living trust. The most common reason for having a living trust is that real property, cash, and other kinds of property can avoid going through an expensive and time consuming probate. It can also be a way of protecting vulnerable people, pets, spendthrifts, public benefit recipients, children, and accomplish other purposes. That all sounds great, but
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Putting important aspects of our lives in order helps provide a sense of peace and freedom. The FREE Family Estate Planning Series is an eight-week “course” of 90-minute classes taught by area guest speakers. Each week offers a different attorney or other expert, so you can learn about the fundamentals of estate planning; wills, probate and trusts; health care directives; information stored digitally; and other essential topics. You’ll receive a full binder of reference and
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