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KEVIN P. WALSH, Reno estate planning attorney talks WIILLS, TRUSTS, & PROBATE at the FAMILY ESTATE PLANNING SERIES in Reno. Non-profit partners help sponsor this to keep it free and include the Boys & Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows, Children’s Cabinet, Food Bank of Northern Nevada, KUNR/KNCJ Radio, Nevada Humane Society, Nevada Land Trust, Renown Health Foundation, SPCA of Northern Nevada, TMCC Foundation, United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, Girls Scouts of
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Being a trustee can be a thankless job. Sometimes a disgruntled  beneficary can make life for the trustee stressful. Troublesome beneficiaries often demand early payment, insist they are entitled to more, or accuse a trustee of something improper. Like divorce cases, when it comes to the family estate, some trust beneficiaries will take a hostile position against the trustee, sometimes motivated by preexisting family discord. While the beneficiary may or may not have a legitimate
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Living trusts are a popular way to keep the family estate out of an expensive and time consuming probate. These estate planning tools allow the successor trustee to step in and administer the trust estate immediately upon the death or incapacity of the original trustee. But what happens when the successor trustee is not communicating with beneficiaries or distributing the estate? Below are ten tips for the beneficiary confronted by the problem of the trustee
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