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Friendly, efficient, and empathetic, the quality of our personal service matches the quality of our living trusts

Business Law Services

1Source Law is the first choice of Nevada entrepreneurs and established businesses for personalized legal services.

We are not your traditional law firm. Our approach is adding new client value to the practice of law.

Formation of Nevada Business Entities

Nevada is a strategic location for forming a business entity. The ‘Silver State’ has no franchise tax, no corporate income taxes, and no state personal income tax. 1Source Law can assist clients in Nevada, the United States, and globally in creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or other Nevada business structure. Once you’re up and running you will have 1Source Law on tap to support you in all of your commercial endeavors.


Getting to “yes” can be a tricky business. Memorializing the deal in writing can be even trickier. 1Source Law’s forte is transactions and we pride ourselves on the quality of our commercial documents. Our experienced counsel can serve as point man or advise from behind the scenes in commercial transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

1Source Law has your back when it comes to acquiring ownership of other business entities or creating a seamless merger. 1Source Law’s mergers and acquisitions attorneys work closely with the client’s strategic management team in ensuring legal compliance, preparing transactional documents, and executing the transaction.

Corporate Governance

1Source Law’s corporate governance lawyers have the experience needed to effectively guide our clients in best practices and effective risk management strategy. Our business law attorneys can assist in commercial regulation, shareholder communication, legal compliance, internal processes, and more.


When 1Source drafts a contract we begin by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved. We’re advocates, so when we write, its for the success of our clients. We seek the fair advantage.


Negotiation can be a complicated and delicate process. 1Source has experience in high value contract negotiations involving services and commodities. Knowledge of the parties and market conditions are key. We work closely with our client in calibrating our negotiation strategy.


1Source reviews important commercial agreements for risk factors by starting with key terms and expectations. Our candid approach will spot commercial issues and give your company clarity.


1Source can provide an on-site or remote contract administrator for all phases of contract administration. We have experience in the administration of high value lump sum, unit rate, and cost reimbursable contracts from pre-award to close out.


When the parties wish to perform differently than the way the contract was written, or add or remove obligations, get it in writing. 1Source Law can quickly prepare written Contract Modifications to memorialize changes.


If you’re called into commercial arbitration, or wish to utilize it, 1Source understands the game. These privatized tribunals can be fast and fair, or costly and unpredictable. We’re there to size it up and fight for your commercial interests. 1Source’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, was trained in International Commercial Arbitration through the Charted Institute of Arbitrators.


1Source Law can provide a fair and neutral mediator with commercial experience to help resolve a dispute. We can also attend mediation as your advocate. 1Source’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, holds a Practice Certificate in Mediation from the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators, Australia. 1Source Law uses the Harvard Model, a proven mediation method, to resolve conflict.


1Source Law’s litigation team has the advantage of flexibility. We work as closely as possible with our client, often at their corporate office where the relevant records are kept. This proximity gives 1Source a better understanding of our client. We study our opponent and attack what is vulnerable.


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Who We Are

1Source Law is the entrepreneur’s first choice for personalized business legal services. We’re also Nevada’s estate planning and Living Trust Source. Our next generation legal services use technology and mobility to deliver top grade legal representation directly to our client’s businesses and homes. Our approach is breathing new life into the practice of law.

Kevin P. Walsh, Esq., 1Source Law’s founder, has 20+ years of experience as a Nevada lawyer. He’s admitted in all Nevada State and Federal Courts and is named on the Role of Solicitors in Western Australia. Kevin’s work passions are helping businesses succeed and assisting families with estate planning.

To become an 1Source Lawyer an attorney must be a Nevada licensed attorney in good standing. All 1Source Lawyers have been carefully vetted for ethics, attitude, and ability. This is accomplished through a three-phase interview process and three or more reference checks. No 1Source Lawyer has ever faced any disciplinary action by any State Bar. Managing Attorney, Kevin P. Walsh, Esq., joined the State Bar of Nevada more than 20 years ago.

The 1Source Law business model was designed around the attorney-client relationship. Our Business Law Division works closely with enterprises of all sizes. We can also deliver legal services with an attorney working alongside your team, at your corporate offices as your in-house counsel. Our corporate clients also meet with us at our downtown Reno legal district location in a spacious conference room also equipped for video meetings.

When it comes to the family estate, Living Trust Source attorneys are always willing to travel to our clients. We go to homes, hospitals, and hospice care facilities whenever asked. Our downtown office is easily accessible for clients with physical limitations.

If you have a legal dispute 1Source Law’s Litigation Division has your back in contested business and family estate matters. All Litigation Division attorneys have trial experience and are seasoned litigators. We also participate in alternative methods of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

These are the values that govern everything we do:

Fluidity– We change to meet the conditions of our environment. At 1Source Law we are not rigid in our thinking. We look for better ways of doing things. 1Source Law adapts to the shape of our client’s needs.

Ethics –Ethics should be driven by more than professional rules of conduct and consumer protection laws. We believe sound ethics should be engrained in the culture of the organization. Great ethics arise from a sense of empathy and fairness to others.

Support– 1Source Law values a culture of support. We support our clients as much as we support our lawyers. We provide them both with knowledge and resources to do great work, grow, and prosper. We also promote a work-life balance.

Efficiency – 1Source Law is designed for efficiency of time, cost, and energy. Our approach to billing eliminates the risk of receiving unexpected exorbitant bills for services rendered by the hour. We forecast fees and use flat fees when possible.

Ability– Legal work is complex and challenging. Ability only comes with education and experience. We have both and continuously endeavor to improve our capabilities.

Contribution – 1Source Law seeks to contribute something positive to the legal profession by pioneering better ways of helping clients achieve their business and estate planning goals while giving the lawyer a better life and work experience.

Call 1Source Law to learn how we can help you achieve your business and estate planning goals.


1Source Law is a Nevada limited liability company regulated by the State Bar of Nevada. Kevin P. Walsh, Esq., SBN # 6160, is the Managing Attorney responsible for the contents of this website.

 Business Law Services

Formation of Nevada Business Entities | Transactions | Mergers & Acquisitions | Corporate Governance | Drafting | Negotiation | Commercial Document Review |Contract Administration | Contract Modifications | Arbitration | Mediation | Litigation


1Source is Nevada’s first choice for trusted business law services. Our seasoned corporate attorneys perform on-time and within budget.

How We Work

Business and Corporation Legal Services – We value the attorney-client relationship above everything because both the Client’s and Attorney’s success depends on it. Responsiveness, customer service, and accountability are hallmarks of 1Source Law.

We like to hold businesses meetings at the client’s corporate offices where records are kept and people with information are accessible. This approach integrates counsel with project managers to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation by attorney of client’s business and objectives. Our downtown law office conference room, equipped with video technology, is available for client meetings.

How We Charge

  • Flat fees are offered when practical. This means you pay a lump sum for completion of a specific task. Unlike billable hours, the flat fee allows our clients to accurately forecast costs. The flat rate fee structure can serve to distribute risk more evenly between the Attorney and Client. It also requires a carefully detailed scope of work.
  • Litigation, mitigation, and arbitration services may be charged at hourly rates, flat fee, or a contingent fee depending on the type of case and merits. A 1Source Law litigation attorney can provide a complimentary fee proposal.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates are available depending on the size and nature of the assignment. The hourly rate will apply to most small tasks. In-house counsel business law services may be charged at daily, weekly, or monthly rate. Prices will vary depending on the type of work. Day, week, and month unit rates offer a substantial cost savings over the hourly rate.


Trusts & Estates
The Living Trust Source

Friendly, efficient, and empathetic,
the quality of our personal service
matches the quality of our living trusts

Life is uncertain. Now is the time to call Nevada’s trusted source for family estate planning. We can help you decide what kind of estate plan is best for you and your heirs. The Living Trust Source does not sell annuities or other financial products. We only provide straight-up legal advice in easy to understand language with high quality estate planning instruments.

We travel to our client, whether it’s to their home, hospital bedside, or hospice. We can also meet clients at our downtown office in the Reno legal district which is easily accessible to our clients with physical limitations.

The Living Trust Source can also represent trustees, executors, beneficiaries, heirs, and other individuals in disagreements and litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

Services include the following:

  • Comprehensive Estate Planning Packages Covering Financial & Medical Matters
  • Living Trusts
  • Wills
  • Probate Avoidance Strategies
  • Trustee & Beneficiary Disagreements
  • Spendthrift Trusts for heirs with money management problems, creditors, addiction, or other money management challenges
  • Funding of Trusts – the process of putting property in the trust
  • Settlement of Trusts – final distribution and closure
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Instructions for burial or cremation
  • Trusts for care of pets
  • Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions in case of incapacitation
  • Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions in case of incapacitation
  • Customized for unique family needs
  • Dispute Resolution – litigation, arbitration, and mediation

Don’t put off your estate planning. Make sure your family is ready for life’s uncertainties.

Visit Living Trust Source Website


1Source Law LLC was built on 20+ years of legal experience on two continents. Managing Attorney and 1Source Founder, Kevin P. Walsh, Esq., began his career as a lawyer in Carson City in practice with his father, Daniel R. Walsh, Esq., handling complex civil litigation. Kevin also worked in Australia as a contracts specialist on mega-projects where he gained insights and a new perspective. While living in Perth he took notice of emerging global trends in the legal industry that were providing better value to clients.  Walsh returned to Nevada where he designed a law practice that combines flexibility, mobility, and technology to deliver a type of legal service the old firms can’t.

In addition to rendering traditional legal services from our downtown offices our lawyers can work at your business alongside your team. This innovative approach enables businesses to have in-house counsel for a specified time and fixed cost. The burden and risk of hiring permeant counsel can now be eliminated by working with an 1Source Lawyer.

Our other passion is estate planning. We enjoy working with families and earning their trust. Generally, the process of working with clients in this area is a very positive experience. And as the American population ages there’s a growing demand for dependable estate planning legal services. We’re committed to helping meet the demand for trusted legal expertise by always putting our client’s interests first.

We will travel to any home, hospital, or hospice location to help our clients. Our Reno Legal District office is easily accessible for client meetings.



1 E. Liberty St. Suite 600
Reno, Nevada 89501



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